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When I first met Estee early in my pregnancy, she asked what I pictured when it was time to give birth. I explained a strong team, and a Midwife who brought calmness and felt supportive and trusting. Estee gave all that plus more. She doesn’t feel only like a midwife who helped you birth your baby, but also a friend. She supports you to feel empowered. She’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. A birth is the most intimate experience a woman can go through and you want someone you will remember for a lifetime who helped guide you through that, Estee is that someone. Eliya, Andrew and I have so much love for you Estee, thank you for making that day feel that much more special! 🤍 ~Y.H.


"Looking for an Amazing, Beautiful, Gentle, Tender, Accurate, Patient, Caring, Educated, Love filled, Genuine, and Awesome Midwife? Yeah, this is her. We couldn't have had a better experience. She is the reason I had the most positive pregnancy, labor, and delivery I could've ever imagined. Consider yourself blessed if you and your sweet baby get to be under her care."  ~E.F.

Six months ago, I called you after midnight telling you  “I’m in labor”, it was late, you were just finished with another mom, you were tired, but you didn’t make me feel uncomfortable to call you, NOT AT ALL. You just came and stayed with us  for more than 12 hours! You are a hero Estee - a very strong and loving woman. You helped very well through that phenomenal night. Me and my baby Elan will never ever forget what you did for us. That night was one night in a life time, and I’m so thankful that you were the one in there. I love you forever. 


Estee is a patient, loving, and kind provider. I am very happy she was there for me to receive my Luna. She makes you feel secure and brave, she respects your time and gently asks what you are feeling for her to help and make it better.
Estee Luna Zosman you are amazing!!
Thank you for being part of my birthing experience!!

Luna will definitely be hearing the story. ~K.A

I have struggled for the last 6 months to put into words exactly how much Estee did for me and my family. Not only did she take me on as an exception, but she’s the reason I had the homebirth I wanted! If it weren’t for her, I would have had a second C section. She is absolutely the best person for the job. If/when I have another baby, she will be my first call. She did an amazing job from the first visit, until our last! I will always recommend her to anyone that will listen!! Thank you so much Estee!! ~J.B


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"Estee provided so much knowledge, comfort and inspiration. I enjoyed her calm spirit and strong confidence during my home birth. She took the time to get to know me and build trust, which I believe was the foundation of such an amazing birth. I trust her and would recommend her to anyone! We were so lucky to have had her be a part of such a precious journey." 


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