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The complete home birth midwifery service package is $8,000 and includes:

Prenatal Care

  • Regular visits every four weeks initially, every two weeks at the start of your 3rd trimester, then weekly at the end of your pregnancy

  • 30-60 minutes spent conversing and building relationship, answering questions, ensuring your baby’s well-being, and ruling out any potential risk factors

  • Home visit at 37 weeks to prepare it for what you will need during and after your birthing time

Postpartum Care

  • Discussion and guidance for breast and bottle feeding options

  • Newborn exam with administration of routine medications, if medications are opted for

  • Newborn screenings, including metabolic screening and congenital cardiac heart defect screening

  • Legal documentation of the birth, filing of birth certificate, and social security card 

  • Initial postpartum follow-up visit in your home

  • Office visits as needed, with standard two week & six week visit after delivery

Labs and Ultrasounds


  • We perform vaginal cultures, pap smears, blood draws including genetic screens and urine tests all in house

  • Majority of standard labs are covered by your insurance

  • Non-diagnostic "sneak peak" ultrasounds included in office, upon request

  • One diagnostic ultrasound between 18-22 weeks, that is performed at our office or in home

Labor and Delivery

Birth is an opportunity to honor a woman's innate wisdom. Giving birth at home allows you to labor and birth in a familiar surrounding - having total control in temperature, lighting, sound, the ability to eat/drink as desired, and who is present for the birth of your baby. 


  • Active labor monitoring of vital signs and baby’s heart tones using a hand-held doppler

  • Use of professional birth pool

  • A midwife assistant to maintain order and cleanliness of the birth space, assist the midwife at time of delivery, disinfect and deflate the pool, keep the birth team (You too, Dad!) hydrated and nourished, and will even do a load of laundry 

  • On-site emergency equipment and medications including IV fluids and resuscitation equipment

  • Continuous care and support in the event of a hospital transport


Postpartum Lactation Support


Your postpartum is sacred and is an extension of pregnancy, often referred to as the 4th trimester. We prefer you to stay home in those first weeks for optimal rest, healing and bonding with your baby. 

  • Lactation and postpartum support by our lactation consultant.

    • Breastfeeding assistance

    • Swaddling techniques, diaper changes, baby-wearing help

    • "Mother the mother" by listening, encouraging a nap, shower or even some alone time

    • Lactation support groups

Holistic Pediatric Visit ​

  • Your baby's first pediatric well visit within 72 hours of birth 

  • Performed in home by a holistic nurse practitioner

  • Direct access to her for up to one week with option to continue using her as your baby's provider

Pricing: $8000 (Paid in installments and due by 34 weeks)

Insurance: We are considered out-of-network providers with insurance companies. We do not accept medicaid. Most plans have high deductibles making it a small difference to pay out of pocket for your care. We refer to a specialized midwifery biller that will give you the specifics of your plan’s maternity benefits. If your plan has a low deductible and covers home birth then she will assist you in seeking reimbursement by filing a claim on your behalf after your care is complete. This service is not included in our fee.

Sliding scale discount: We offer a sliding scale discount to families who qualify. This is determined by the federal poverty guidelines and our availability for that calendar month. We do our best to make our care accessible and offer extended payment plans.

"Busy Mama" add-on:  All visits, with the exception of blood work and problem visits, can occur in the home. There is a $1 fee per mile, round trip. This can be calculated based on the distance from your home to the office.

Hospital Birth: Having a home birth isn’t for everyone and is contraindicated for those with increased chances of complications during childbirth. The Prenatal Care Package provides support through your entire pregnancy, prepares you for a hospital birth and then cares for your postpartum needs, all while encompassing the Midwifery Model of Care.  

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