Home birth.

Our complete homebirth package provides all the visits and medical care you need before, during, and after your baby is born.

These appointments can be done in our office, or from the comfort of your own home.

The complete home birth midwifery service package includes:


One-hour prenatal appointments

  • 1X/month until 28 weeks

  • 2x/month from 28-36 weeks

  • 1x/week from 36-42 weeks, or delivery


Full physical exam of the newborn, breastfeeding support,

and 3 one-hour postpartum visits.

  • 48 hours

  • 2 weeks

  • 4 weeks (optional)

  • 6 weeks


Lab draws occur in-office. Ultrasounds can happen in the home or at our office, that's totally up to you! 


When your baby is due

  • your due date at 40 weeks is really more of a due “zone”

  • you may give birth with FCM anytime from 37 weeks up to 42 weeks

  • those giving birth to their first baby often birth closer to 41 weeks

We promote the natural, physiologic flow of birth. Birth is an opportunity to honor a woman's innate wisdom. Giving birth at home allows you to labor and birth in a familiar surrounding. You have total control in temperature, lighting, sound, the ability to eat/drink as desired, and who is present for the birth of your baby. We monitor and ensure safety by regular monitoring of vital signs and baby’s heart tones using a hand-held doppler. We carry on-site emergency equipment and medications including IV fluids and resuscitation equipment. We will provide continuous care and support in the event of a hospital transport.


Waterbirth is often referred to as the "Midwife's Epidural" and I am happy to help incorporate it into your birth plan. Some labor and birth in the tub, while others prefer to get out for the delivery.  A professional birth pool is included in your care with Full Circle Midwifery. We will provide you list of supplies to purchase for your waterbirth. 

- Click here for more information on the benefits of Waterbirth.



A birth assistant works hard to maintain order and cleanliness of the birth space, assists the midwife at time of delivery, helps the midwife chart the birth, disinfects and deflates the pool, keeps the birth team (You too, Dad!) hydrated and nourished, and will even do a load of laundry after birth.

Investment: $6500 

"She took the time to get to know me and build trust, which I believe was the foundation of such an amazing birth" -S.M